Someone called RC ‘the best programming community in the world, with 12 (or 6) weeks on-boarding process’. I like that definition and even though I felt sad on Thursday when those of us who ended their batches received t-shirts and ‘diplomas’, I was at RC the very next day pairing with Adam on some exercises in Elm. And the day after that, on Saturday, I came to RC early in the morning for a workshop Mike Nielsen organized.

Here, as usual, is a list of things happened during the passed week.

  • I wrote a blog post about week #5 (as you might have expected).
  • I paired with Alicja on her Jekyll/React blog. We found that thumbnails were not getting properly resized/cropped/compressed and went through a few ways to fix that.
  • Paired with Isabel on applications of position weight matrices to studying DNA sequences. It was a lot of fun and once again I was grateful to have the Jupyter notebooks around. It’s such a great technology for playing with data.
  • Attended OpenGL workshop led by Lyn Normoyle – a lot of things changed since I used OpenGL for game development back in 2003.
  • Did a mock interview with Nayely – I gave her the classic two-sum problem and she did great. We went over a few different solutions, analyzed their complexities and applications. (Spoiler: you can avoid using extra space if the list of numbers is sorted.)
  • Paired with Andy Lee on his chess game written in Swift.
  • Studied Fenwick trees (or binary indexed trees) and applied them on a few interview problems. Here’s a video that explains them well, and here are some problems to practice.
  • Paired with Brian Lee on adding some features to, a Django website he maintains.
  • Paired with Lyn on solving an algorithm problem as well as implementing some transcendental curves in JS with OpenGL.
  • Took a peek on the work Kang and Taylor were doing on the RC niceties app. They were doing fine and I thought I would only distract them from the timely release if I try to jump in so late in the process.
  • Participated in a group exercise of pushups and planks which provided a great boost of energy and team morale. Sofia-Jeanne, Jade, Aissam, Jenny, Adam and Amy were there. Sofia-Jeanne did a hand stand as icing on the cake. We ended it all with a round of high fives.
  • I paired with Sofia-Jeanne on Code Dojo problem, we did it in Ruby which was fun. We used an algorithm attributed to Narayana Pandita who lived in 14th century India.
  • I attended Git Internals workshop organized by Vaibhav, but had to finish early to go to Deep Dive into Python: Know Thy Interpreter meetup. This time we reviewed scope in Python and it was highly engaging and fun. There were a few people from RC at the meetup, as well.
  • Another pairing session was with Andrea and we solved a few different DP problems. It was fun and we both learned a lot and got our brains to the melting point.
  • I tried to help Cihan with his QUIC protocol implementation in C as well as CLI Zulip client he wrote in Erlang. I learned a lot and he might have gained some new insight just by trying to explain to me how it all worked.
  • Horace and I did a quick pair problem solving session and cracked some pesky DP problem.
  • Leeor helped me figure out some graph problem which came in super handy later.
  • I presented my Code Katas and almost failed live coding binary search. As someone said, it’s always fun when someone screws up during live coding presentation, but not necessarily for the presenter. I did fix the code before my time ran out and the ‘never-graduation’ ceremony with reading of niceties healed my wounded soul 🙂
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