Week 4 of my RC batch was really intense. Here are some of the highlights:

  • ‘Write a brainf*ck REPL in 5 minutes’ stunt I pulled off during Thursday presentations. Thanks to Brian Lee, Cihan Demirci, Satabdi Das, Paul Biggar, Sarah Ransohoff and many others for helping to get there. Here’s the code.
  • Presentation from other recursers and alumni, most notably Harold Cooper’s on word embeddings. (What does Paris - France + Poland equal to?)
  • Some really great pairing with Michelle Steigerwalt on her MUD in Prolog, Juliano Bortolozzo Solanho on his IRC Server in Erlang (or was it Elixir?), Marielle Foster aka Marf and Dan Puttick on using Asyncio for concurrency. Also, Jake Sandlund helped me tremendously with writing some of the Consistent Hashing logic for dhash.
  • Architectural whiteboarding session with James Porter, Juliano, Alicia Thilani and Luke Burns. I answered a question on implementing a meta-search engine and Juliano was interrogated on how to build a media file storage system for a publishing business.
  • Emil Sit submitted a pull request with code review and some improvements for my distributed hash table implementation on github which was super helpful.

As usual, I solved many algorithm and data structure problems, including the following.

Juliano and I also helped Sonali and Rachel install new microwave at RC. Hooray!

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