My RC batch starts next Monday and last week we all got an invite to introduce ourselves on the community board. Apart from coding and CS research people are talking about meditation, board games, swimming, power lifting and many other things.

The crowd is amazing – CS and Math PhDs, molecular biologists, economists and physicists, folks who have been in the industry for decades and some who just started coding. Lots of people are interested in ML in one way or another. James Katz is doing some cool data analysis and publishes it on his github. I also mentioned his chess engine in the previous post and since then he has added alpha-beta pruning to it and is planning to also implement quiescence search.

I decided to give another go to Programming Languages course on Coursera. First time I took it over 3 years ago, I didn’t have anybody to bounce some ideas off and to do assignments together. Now I will have plenty of people interested in the theory behind programming languages in general and learning some new ones in particular.

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  • Purplewawa

    Aw man this sounds exciting. Can’t wait to start my batch.

    • gudnm

      When are you starting? I’m about to embark on my last week there…

      • Purplewawa

        next week. 🙂