It was tough leaving RC. I couldn’t do the full 12-week batch which added to the sadness. Here’s a list of things that kept me occupied last week, in no particular order, with no rhyme or reason.

  • Back to my old job.
  • Trying to take it slow and figure out my next steps.
  • Got sick Wednesday morning and felt miserable rest of the week.
  • Not much coding at work, took a plunge on learning some new software we’ll be using for bookkeeping and order processing. I will probably be training employees once it’s up and running. It’s got a lot of issues and I’m working with its developers on fixing, re-configuring and customizing it for our needs. Had a great day visiting them in Kingston, NY, though…
  • Evaluated some open source alternatives, looked at the repositories, their code, tried to familiarize myself with the frameworks they are using. Decided I’m not going to try building an ERP system on my own. ERP sucks.
  • Solved some easy problems on InterviewBit.
  • Tried to design some OOP thing in Python and felt stupid – how would the objects communicate?..
  • Realized that I stopped keeping notes after RC and now it’s hard to remember even if I did learn something cool and interesting. I will try to get back to keeping notes even though they were originally intended just for RC. Never graduate!
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