Ivan Vashchenko
Ivan Vashchenko is a software developer from Krasnodar (Russia) currently residing in Jersey City. With Master’s in CS and strong passion for code, he takes interest in many fields ranging from web development to algorithms for NP-hard problems. Co-founder of Econofy.

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  • RyanHVaughn

    Hi Ivan,

    I hope you don’t mind my reaching out — I came across your website, and was impressed with your dev chops and renaissance-man background. Photography, energy efficiency, code…rock ‘n roll!

    Anyway, my name’s Ryan. I’m the co-founder of VNN, a 25-person sports media company which is kind of like ESPN.com for high schools.

    VNN’s engineering team is growing, lead by a pair of MIT CS grads, and we’re looking for talented, passionate developers to help us change what it’s like to be a high school athlete across the country.

    I’m sure you’re happy where you’re at, but given your background I had to reach out. I thought it might be worth a conversation.

    How about a brief chat on Friday at 11:15am?



    Ryan Vaughn
    CEO, Co-Founder
    Varsity News Network
    616 / 848-9468